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  • GET: seeks genuine partners with the same ethos and level of pride about food quality and service reliability;
  • GET: Employs its G: Riders – which means your food is delivered by trained people operating exclusively through GET:
    No persistent delays, no persistent complaints, no persistent food delivery hoppers (riders).
  • GET: focuses on your business during our digital and social marketing campaigns. It is not all about GET: it is all about the GET: Partner partnership.
    Hence our brand name is ‘GET:’ – so that we can fluently attach your restaurant brand to the collaborative graphic designs our expert designers produce.

Everything we do is built around

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

By partnering with GET: your restaurant benefits from our investment and infrastructure built around sustainable vehicles and packaging, corporate responsibility in employment and how we treat our Restaurant Partners.

We ensure fluidity and unity among every aspect of our business. In short, partnering with GET: means your restaurant will

Let’s talk G:£££’s

We can keep this part short – our fees are less, and in many cases, much less than the other guys who want to deliver your food.

Given the value and level of partnership we provide to our Partners this is quite extraordinary. We can apply a smaller fee and still give greater value because of our business model.

The balancing act between different revenue streams and classes of expenditure has been addressed and redressed countless times in order to remain true to our corporate motto.

Responsible, Sustainable and United are all possible because of meticulous planning.

The GET: Live Order Platform

We doubt you will find a better platform to manage your Live Orders.
Version 1 took almost one whole year to build and version 2 is already in development.
We wanted to make it as user friendly and as practical as it can be for our Partners.
We have stripped away the unnecessary ‘add-ons’ that are used by other platforms to boost their pitch to you, but which are made redundant and have little practical functionality for you.
Instead we have focused on useful features like our ‘traffic light order flow’, ability to ‘delay prep’ and manageable functions and restrictions for consumers to amend and cancel orders without it affecting your kitchen’s operations.
It is a true masterclass from our tech-team and with version 2 imminent for launch we have a whole host of revenue boosting and waste cutting features at your disposal.