We our proud of living true to our ethos. We will always do what we can to further out corporate objectives. Here’s what we are doing to be Responsible, Sustainable, and United.

The Environment

Through our insistence of operating exclusively with Electric Vehicles, eco-friendly packaging and sustainable supplies – we do our bit to protect the environment and promote good practices among our regions.

Public Spaces

No lingering delivery people on bikes waiting for jobs and congesting parts of streets.

No parking bays taken by rows of delivery vehicles waiting for their Delivery Apps to buzz.

Our G: Riders are trained to respect public spaces and to return to the Hub for some rest during down-time.

Restaurant Partners


We provide genuine partnership and collaboration. It is not about us making as much profit as we possibly can. Instead, we were created to help those good quality but struggling independent restaurants get through tough times and flourish during the good times.

Quality Preservation

We work with our partners from the onboarding stage right through to managing consumer relationships to ensure their food and reputation is preserved through meticulous operational processes and investment in quality equipment and packaging. No transportation excuses for poor food or service


We do not financially take what we can squeeze out of our partners. This would defeat our purpose. Due to careful and meticulous planning we are able to charge less for our partnership than any other delivery service. We operate to keep our partners going, not to bleed them dry while they are still surviving


Food Consumer Quality and Safety

Everything we do translates into quality and safe food and services being provided to those who want it from quality restaurants and without transportation excuses.

We don’t use bicycles because we want your food to arrive as soon as possible once it leaves the kitchen.

We have invested in our Platform and operational processes to ensure food is not hanging around awaiting collection from G: Riders.

We have hot and cold cargo compartments to adequately store and pack food to remain at the optimum temperature.

We secure tamper-proof stickers on our packaging to give you confidence that your food has not been tampered with.

We have trained our G: Riders to be clear about the quality of service and safe and appropriate handover of food that they are expected to provide you with

Our G: Riders are trained to treat you with respect and consideration you deserve when being greeted and served by them.



We don’t let them ride around on bicycles and hope they protect themselves against collision or falls, we provide them with brand new electric vehicles and protective helmets and jackets. Also, we don’t expect them to carry heavy bags on their backs, we provide robust cargo holds for their bikes.

Financial Security

We don’t give them an App download and expect them to juggle as many jobs as possible to make ends meet – we provide them with a secured basic salary and benefits that are not quantity based but quality based. We are not focused on ‘how many jobs’ they perform on a shift, instead we reward for good reviews and feedback

Base and Sense of Belonging

Our guys are not on their own, they are part of a well-trained team and have access to our Hub for utilities, rest and entertainment. On the job they are relentless. When it’s time to rest and play they have PlayStation Consoles, table football and pool among other entertainment. Our Hub is relaxed and rewards those who work well among the team